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The usblinky is a very small USBstick with a cable that you can use to drive digitally addressable ledstrips.

You can use WS2811, WS2812, WS2812B or any other ledstrip that has support in an arduino library.

The USBstick has 4 pins on the end of its PCB.

1 + 
4 - 

Pin 3 can be used to attach a Button to GND and you can use this button to switch programs, turn on/off your ledstrip or dim the brightness.

Example code how to use this is available on github and the usblinky comes already preloaded with code to drive 20 pcs WS2812B.

One usecase for the usblinky is to connect it to a 20pcs WS2812B ledstrip and insert this into a 3D-printed object.
Reference designs are available on thingiverse


By default usblinky ships as a KIT.
This means you need to assemble it yourself, enabling you to build exactly what you want.
If you dont feel comfortable with that we can assemble it for you for a small fee.
Contact us before ordering please.


The stick comes preprogrammed with the bootloader and a demo programm that drives 20 Leds and uses a button to switch patterns, dim and turn on and off the leds. 

Also available are the 3D ORB KIT accessories.
This parts allow you to build a 3D ORB yourself.
Simply download the .stl files from thingiverse or our github and print your own ORB on a 3D printer.

We might also sell the whole thing assembled and printed for you.
But this is timeconsuming and therefor expensive.
Please contact us for a quote. 


Technical Details:

  • PCB size: 11.2mm x 25.2mm 
  • Usbstick size: 16mm x 43mm
  • Processor: Attiny85
  • Bootloader: Micronucleus 1.11





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