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Teensy 3 - microSD shield

Teensy 3 - microSD shield


This microSD adaptor is custom tailored for teensy 3.x.

Its super small footprint allows installation of the board right above the teensy.
The card detection from the SD card slot is available on an interrupt pin so you can detect when a card is inserted without breaking the main program.
This adaptor works with all the standard SD libraries for arduino like.

Simply attach a FAT16 formatted SD card and you got virtually unlimited storage for your project needs.
Use it to log data, read files or load animations and sound.
If you need storage, this is it.


The microSD adaptor board comes with extralong pinheaders if you have not soldered your teensy 3.x pinheaders yet, use these as a replacement for standard pinheaders.

This is also fully compatible with teensy-LC ! 



We used this shield in our Blinkenschild project.

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