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Blinkenrocket - DIY Soldering Kit

Blinkenrocket - DIY Soldering Kit


The Blinkenrocket is a super neat kit to teach the art of soldering.

It features an 8x8 Ledmatrix, a beautiful black PCB and it is programmable with audio.
Upload text and animations directly from the website
It also works on the go with tablets and mobile phones and laptops.

No need to install an App.
No separate programmer.
No hidden costs.

The project is 100% open source.
EVERYTHING is available on github.
From schematics to board layout  files, the firmware, the webinterface, the documentation.

Simply plug the Blinkenrocket into your headphone jack, turn the volume to max and click the transfer button. 

Three different versions of the kit are available

[ EASY ]

This kit targets kids from eight years up and features only some trough hole parts.
All the SMD parts are already on the PCB.

You only need to solder

  • The Matrix
  • 2 Buttons
  • 1 Batteryholder
  • 1 Audiojack


All the parts from the EASY kit plus 11 SMD parts.
The SMD parts come in a big 1206 Package.
You need tweezers and a good soldering iron.

  • 3 Capacitors
  • 6 Resistors
  • 2 Diodes


You need to fully assemble the blinkenrocket yourself including the EEPROM (SOIC-8)
and the MCU (TQFP-32), all the SMD parts and trough hole components.
The processor comes preprogrammed, you do not need to flash the firmware yourself.

All kits include:

  • PCB
  • High quality 8x8 Matrix Module with beautiful bright square pixels 
  • Sorted and marked components in a bag
  • CR2032 Battery
  • Durable Lanyard
  • Audioadaptor to connect the blinkenrocket to your headphone jack
  • A Sticker
  • Assembly instructions / Link to online instructions
  • Sturdy plastic package for transportation



When you buy a blinkenrocket kit here, we are giving another blinkenrocket kit for free to a kid at a workshop. 
This buy one / give one model makes perfect sense for this product because most schools would like to offer the soldering classes, but can't afford the materials for all students.
If you like, we will notify you once your donation is used and you can check out the pictures of that workshop.

If you want to hold a workshop yourself we do offer different prices for quantities of >5 kits that are used in workshops.
Please get in touch with us!


 Assembly Instructions
 Making of Blinkenrocket / der Zerhacker

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