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ARC Lighter (hacked)

ARC Lighter (hacked)


Have you heard of PLASMA Arc-Lighters?

These Lighters produce two PLASMA Arcs that are powerful enough to start a Campfire or light a cigarette.

While the lighters themselves are impressive, we modified them to do even cooler things!

When you turn them on, they work as expected and produce the Plasma arcs.

After 5 seconds (long enough to light a cigarette) the lighter will switch into the MUSIC mode and play a little tune, using no other output device but the PLASMA itself!
It is similar to a small tesla coil in your pocket that generates sounds.

Based on the idea of PodeCoets project from 2016 we developed our own firmware that is compatible with the currently available PCB revisions in those lighters.

Due to the fact that the lighters are modified (programmed and soldered) by myself, one at a time, the quantities are LIMITED and the pricetag of 29,- is very reasonable.

PROTIP: Get one right now while they are still available.

Warning: Never ever touch the plasma-arcs.
Dont put anything conductive in the arcs either (fE a piece of wire, a screwdriver or a piece of solder).
You will get shocked and you will regret it.
It hurts like hell. Trust me. I tried that out so you don't have to.



PodeCoet's original Write-up


First video (german)  The fun starts @ 0:32 


Black Lighter playing Imperial March Theme 



Rainbow Lighter plays Cantina Band tune

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