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Mini Blinkenrocket

Mini Blinkenrocket


The Mini-Blinkenrocket is a DIY Soldering kit designed for Beginners.
All SMD Components are already soldered in place.

You need to solder yourself:

  • 1 LED Matrix (16 pins)
  • 2 Buttons (4 pins each)
  • 1 Batteryholder (2 pins)
  • 1 Audiojack (5 pins)

The kit contains

  • all the parts
  • a populated and programmed PCB
  • an audioadapter

The PCB is available in red, green, blue, black and white.
We will ship whatever color we have in stock.
If you prefer a specific color please let us know during checkout.

The functionality is exactly the same as the original Blinkenrocket, that you can find here.
You can upload custom texts and animations on

Full assembly instructions are available here

 A gorgeous blinkenrocket lanyard is available optionally.

The assembly is straightforward, requires a minimum in tools and takes 5-20 minutes depending on skill and experience.



A nice feature about this small badge is that you can attach it to your T-shirt using a neodym magnet.
It looks very similar to a communicator from Star Trek :)

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