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Vusbmicro Kit

Vusbmicro Kit


The vusbmicro kit includes:

  • a 2mm PCB
  • a preprogrammed MCU (Attiny45)
  • a socket for the MCU
  • 7 resistors
  • 1 capacitor
  • 2 diodes
  • a jumper
  • a connector for the 10 pin programming cable
  • a programming cable with 10 and 6 pin connectors for AVR ISP headers(+1.50)

There is a lot of information on this project available here.
And there is a wiki page on the metalab wiki
Find the firmware on github
If you use the vusbmicro as an ISP programmer you need to disable the RESET pin on the MCU and you can not reprogram this chip with a normal programmer.
Instead you need to use a high voltage programmer.
If you want to play around with this devices i suggest you buy 2 or more and use one as a programmer and the others for experimentation.

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