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WS2801 Strip 32 LEDs / Meter

WS2801 Strip 32 LEDs / Meter


32 individually digital addressable full color pixels per meter.

These strips come with 32 pcs 5050-RGB LEDs per meter and each one can be controlled individually using your favourite microcontroller or Raspberry Pi.

Every single roll is checked for quality before shipment.
This is not the cheap garbage stuff you can find for much less on the dark alleys of shenzen.
We guarantee you the best quality available directly from the manufacturer double checked in house.

  • The same LEDs on a roll (no color differences)
  • All color channels 100% working
  • Best quality
  • Sold by the meter

At metalab (Vienna's finest hackerspace) we built countless things with this strips including a full blown 24x24 RGB matrix, party decorations and other blinky goodness.

Typical applications include:
  • Illuminaton
  • Toys
  • Displays
  • Wearable tech

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