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This product offering is for one Blinkenpoi, if you want a pair, please order a second Blinkenpoi and get a discount.

A low cost, open source visual toy for jugglers, dancers, performers and anyone who wants to play with persistence of vision.

You can paint pictures in the air, control the animation playback from your smartphone, connect multiple Blinkenpois and create groups for playback.
Generate Animations and distribute them across multiple devices.

The webinterface features a scanner to automatically find other Blinkenpois in the same WLAN. 

This is one Kit that you can assemble yourself.
All you need is a decent soldering iron and solder.

The kit comes partially preassembled, all the parts that need a drillpress are already rivet.

Check out the video below for assembly instructions.

We also offer the Blinkenpoi kit preassembled and tested by us.


Hardware Features:

  • 50 Super bright leds
  • Sturdy polycarbonate body
  • Impact protection
  • Handloop + Trigger hook
  • Battery Holder
  • Custom made PCB
  • Button 
  • ESP8266 Module preconfigured / flashed
  • 3 MB Storage for hundreds of animations


Software features:

  • 100% Open Source Free Software
  • Responsive Webinterface 
  • Arduino compatible Firmware
  • Control your Blinkenpoi from your Smartphone
  • Create Groups and Animations
  • Upload pictures and convert them to the Blinkenpoi format




If you want to buy more then 2 kits, please contact us upfront to discuss payment and shipping options.


Batteries are not included. You will ned 3xAAA (Micro) per Blinkenpoi.
The battery life depends on the kind of animations you are displaying and varies between one and three hours of continuous playback. 



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