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The uranium is a beautiful shiny necklace composed of:

  • An antique uranium glass marble
  • 1x Fully assembled and programmed microelectronics
  • 2x CR2016 batteries
  • 1x 3D-printed part in black, white or made from polished american nut (limited edition)
  • 1x Strand of black waxband


    Till the late fifties of the past century people made uranium glass things.
    That is glass with 2-3% radioactive uranium-238 in it.
    No kidding.

    Uranium has the property of releasing beautiful yellow/greenish photons when its hit by UV light. 
    See fluorescence on wikipedia

    What makes this necklace special?

    It is radioactive!
    A little.. very little actually.
    In fact there is way more radiation hitting you if you board a plane or go hiking on a mountain.
    But still.. it looks great.



    Q: Is it dangerous?
    A: No. It's beautiful.

    Q: But is it safe?
    A: You are on a rock that rotates at 1670 km/h floating trough space. You are not safe. ever.

    Q: But is this radioactive necklace thing save?
    A: You should not eat it.

    Q: Are you kidding me? Is it safe now or what?
    A: I measured the radiation with special equipment  used in the radiation incident department of the red cross and the emitted radiation from the uranium marbles is SLIGHTLY above average background radiation that you experience all the time.

    So no.. the emitted radiation is not harmful.

    Also uranium is a primary alpha radiator.
    Its radiation can be blocked by a piece of paper. As long as you don't get it inside your body you can feel pretty safe handling this material.
    It is also not raw uranium but uranium GLASS.
    That makes all the difference as the uranium is embedded in shielding material.


    If you want to print your own enclosure or build on my design you can download the .scad and .stl files from thingiverse

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